7 Lessons I Learned From My First Bike Ride

One long bike ride it is! And so I thought, there’s nothing special in it. Just a time to see the nature, savor the freshness of the province feels early in the morning, and mostly to refresh the mind and soul that is tired from I don’t know what. And then the thoughts came in. With every stride comes a word or a phrase that I know I’ll be writing down as soon as I face my laptop again. And so here it is. The lessons I learned along the way on my first ride. Yey!

  1. Never be afraid of being elevated.

This changed my perspective so much. I used to think na pag nagba-bike, dapat abot ko yung upuan, tapos sayad yung paa sa lupa, ganern. Also because, takot sumemplang. Pero nakailang peklat din ako bago natuto haha! So ayun nga, cardinal rule pala ng biking, dapat na i-stretch yung binti mo, or else, cramps iyan tiyak.

Never be afraid of being taken into greater heights. I thought it was okay to have a seat that low, but then it’s not. It’s merely nothing but playing safe. But life has so much to offer if we’ll only learn to get out of our comfort zones. Don’t be afraid, little did you know, kaya mo naman pala! Haha.

  1. Know the basics at least.

So there it is, first, I don’t know how to raise that seat thing haha, which is madali lang naman pala. Second, the sprocket thingy. Haha. Know how to shift it according to the trail, if it’s a flat slope or uphill or downhill. It really helps so much.

In life, we don’t have to know everything at once. Especially when you’re just beginning. But it do help to know the essentials. And soon enough, you’ll be over that basics and you’ll grow from there.

  1. Eyes on the Road.

It’s ok to be amazed at places you’ve never been. To appreciate God’s creation. To look around and be familiarized at places. But what isn’t good is that, because of taking your eyes off the road, you get semplang. Haha.

Direction. If we have a sense of direction in life, it won’t be easy to get distracted. See how smooth life is when you focus on the road and not on the things around you? Same thing is true in life. Pag alam mo kung anong gusto mo, you strive for it, that’s what you reach for, not whatever comes into your sight. If you don’t have one firm goal, you tend to be changing preferences every now and then. Eyes on the road. Focus on your goal.

  1. Push your limit.

I’m very hesitant to go for a long ride. In fact, I’m one of those who insists that we shouldn’t go so far (because I’ll be the most affected, I’m a beginner). And so there it was, I rejected the other option because of the fear that I cannot make it through. Little did I know, ang hirap pala nung pinili kong option haha. Ang daming paahon! Syempre nung una kinakaya ko pa. But then I came to the point wherein I’d have to say ‘malayo pa ba?’ HAHAHA. Akala ko ‘di ko na kaya. Pero  kakayanin ko pala! Nakarating sa destinasyon at nakauwi! Haha

Oftentimes, we put limit to ourselves. That this time this is what I’ll reach, then next time, it’s this and so on. While nothing is wrong to take it step by step or slowly, sometimes, life is so full of surprises. That oftentimes, akala talaga natin, hindi na natin kaya. Na parang ‘ang hirap hirap naman ng buhay ko, ayoko na’. But with every step, you move, you get past through life’s tough hurdles. Cliché this may sound but this will always be true, “You never know what you can do until you try”.

  1. Don’t be ashamed to get off your bike and walk.

Pagod happens. Uphill roads are really tiring. It doesn’t make us less of a person to get off and walk together with your bike. That little mantra I heard, ‘okay nang mag-akay, kesa pulikatin’ HAHA.

In life, there are times when we have to get down from where we are. To see things from others’ perspectives. Things that we won’t know and experience until we view life from a different viewpoint. Also, humility.  Humility do pay off.

  1. Take breaks.

As a first-timer. My goodness! I’m the one who always calls for breaks. Water break, Hinga break, breakfast-slash-meryenda break. LOL. Seriously. But what can I do, everyone needs a break. Haha it’s just that ako yung nauuna humingi nun. Haha.

In real life, it’s not just all work or all study. That sometimes, daily routine is tiring. Sometimes, life is tiring, people are exhausting, work is strenuous, and school is draining. Just take a break. Breathe in, breathe out. Replenish.

  1. Uphills and Downhills

My favorite. Hayyyyssss. First, second, and third uphill roads, okay. But the next uphill roads made me ask, “Malayo pa ba?”, “Ilang paakyat pa ba?” Ang hirap ng mga paahon. Ang saya pag palusong. Haha.

Life is full of ups and downs. That when we feel it hardest, that’s when we are taken into greater heights. And that life is not just uphill roads and hardships, but for every upslope, there is a downhill road; for every hardship, there is rest.

Happy ride cyclists!


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