Ladies and Gentlemen


When you finally understood what true love is, when you finally knew the essence of the cross, when you fully felt God’s love for you, and when God is finished working in your life as an individual, that’s when you will meet him/her. I am not saying that when you are already perfect, that’s when you will meet him/ her. No one will ever be perfect.

God is working in your life. He prepares you as an individual. Nung mas bata-bata ka pa, syempre immature ka pa mag- isip. At kung sinu-sinong The One ang nami-meet mo. Ganun din sya. Kung sinu- sino ang nakikilala nyo. Siguro nagkita na kayo. Siguro nagkakilala na kayo. Siguro naging magkaibigan na kayo. And then inisip nyong siguro panahon na para i- pursue kung anuman yung meron sa inyo. And suddenly, it failed. Gumuho ang mundo mo.

Sa pagkakataong ganun, kahit ang totoong The One nagiging The Wrong One kung pinursue sa maling panahon. O baka naman hindi mo pa talaga sya nakikilala.

When they say, true love waits. It doesn’t mean that you have to just sit around and wait for him/ her to come at your doorstep. The waiting period is the perfect time to let yourself grow, improve and prepare.

The thing is: don’t rush it. You are young. Yes, life is short. But there are things that you should be doing while you are still young. And maybe that doesn’t include finding your partner yet. Wag mong hilahin ang oras. Wag kang magmadali. Wag mong sabihin na ‘kailangan ko na ng bf/gf, maikli lang ang buhay’. Ma’am/ Sir, it won’t matter kung mahaba o maikli ang naging buhay mo, as long as it is a well-lived life, that would be enough. Just don’t rush things.

Last piece of advice. Don’t pursue him/her if you feel lonely or you just feel incomplete. My dear, he/she is not a completion of your own self. On your own, you are complete. You are wonderful. Do not pursue him/her because you feel that the situations ask you to. We all have our own trials to go through. Miseries sometimes. The thing is, do you love him/ her? You want him/ her in your life? Right in the moment where you feel miserable? Is that the way how you show love to him/ her. Please don’t.

Until you seek God and find yourself beside the cross, that is when you’ll realize that he/she is just right there, on the other side of the cross. All you just need is the green light- God’s go signal. That’s when you can extend your hand and shake with his/hers and introduce yourself.

Love is amazing. Love is the most wonderful thing in the world. Love is awesome! Only when it’s genuine.



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